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Polydome Skylight

The Horizon Series polydome skylight adds the perfect element of natural lighting to any size room. Ideal for custom homes, large entry ways, retails stores, hospitality, creative space, and more.

Use the table below and the Standard Detail Package (PDF) for System Details.​

Polydome Skylight with Callouts.png
Polydome Skylight detail table


(Rafters available in 3" 4" and 6" Details below for 4" rafter)

What is the Horizon Series Custom Skylight?

The Horizon Series custom skylight design is a custom structural system ideal for the dry, harsh southwest climate. Engineered for extreme temperature barriers meeting Title 24 requirements. An advanced weep system controls moisture from significant monsoon rainfall to typical winter condensation. 

Flat Glass White Frame - closeup.jpg
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