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How to Select the Right Custom Skylight Glass

Selecting the right glass for your custom skylight goes beyond the aesthetic or title 24 requirements. Safety, with all building codes, is paramount especially for a glass skylight placed overhead in common areas.

These are application for custom homes, retail, commercial, hospitality and all other types of use buildings.

6 important details when selecting the right glass:

1. Sloped glazing designs must address the life-safety issue for the potential of glass falling out or breaking in the sloped glazing unit. 

2. Overhead glazing has a higher incidence of falling from an opening when it breaks when compared to vertical glazing systems.

3. The IBC Section 2405, Sloped Glazing and Skylights mandates the use of heat-treated laminated glass lights where the sloped glazing is to be installed over occupied spaces. 

4. Laminated glass provides protection from broken glass falling from the opening onto the occupants below.

5. When utilizing insulated glass, the light which is directly facing the occupied space must be the laminated lite and maybe either tempered or heat-strengthened. 

6. The minimum laminated interlayer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) must be a minimum of .030 thick for commercial applications and .015 thick for residential applications which are less than 16 square feet total provided the glass is 12’ or less above a walking surface.

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